Our cheeses are made by hand in small batches from whole, fresh milk that is antibiotic and hormone free. Our herd is raised on open pasture, giving our cheeses a distinct but mild flavor that changes with the seasons. Only microbial (non-animal) rennet and the highest quality herbs and spices are used in our cheeses.

Our artisan soaps are crafted in small batches with high quality, all-natural ingredients. We use only pure essential oils to craft our body products. We never use detergents, surfactants, sulfates, artificial scents, colorizers, or petroleum products of any kind.

About Us

artisan Cheese

Handmade Soap

Dancing Goats Dairy is a small goat dairy on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Using the milk from our pastured-raised, mixed breed herd, we will be making small, artisan batches of fresh and aged cheese, goat milk caramel, goat milk fudge and handcrafted soaps.