Whipped Chèvre

Photo Credit: Jenn Bakos

Photo Credit: Jenn Bakos

Sea Salt.jpg

Sea Salt Chevre

Our flagship chèvre. With a creamy texture, grassy, lemony undertones, and a hint of salt, it’ll bring pure cheese bliss to your taste buds and a smile to your face.

Tuscan Herb.jpg

Tuscan Herb

Love at first bite. Our Tuscan Herb chèvre is so delightfully fresh with the tangy finish. It’s like these ingredients were made for each other.

Everything Bagel.jpg

Everything Bagel

Our Everything Bagel has something for everybody. Salt, garlic and onion, plus caraway, poppy and sesame seeds create the flavors of an everything bagel fresh from the bakery. So good he might end up asking for a baker’s dozen.


Fig Chevre

Get figgy with it. We layer our original creamy chèvre over a bed of locally produced Doves and Figs Falling Leaves jam that’s made with a blend of figs, apples and a touch of cinnamon for a rich and delicious treat.


Marinated Chevre

Let this soak in… We hand-ladle our original chèvre into buttons and marinate it in extra virgin olive oil infused with herbs, pepper, sun-dried tomatoes and a touch of lemon peel for a silky, velvety texture. It’s decadent and delicate at the same time.

Award winning! Placed 2nd in its category at the National 2017 American Cheese Society competition.

Aged Cheese

Photo Credit: Kayana Szymczak

Photo Credit: Kayana Szymczak

Ruth Bader Ginsburg.jpg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Meet Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Notorious RBG. Enrobed all in black, this delicious ash-rinded aged cheese is classic and creamy, but packs a punch! Made from a blend of cow and goat milk this cheese has a tangy, sharp flavor punctuated with a spicy kick from the whole black peppercorns that stud the paste.

This cheese is an homage de fromage from our head cheesemaker to one of the women who has deeply inspired her. Ruth Bader Ginsburg spent a lifetime flourishing in the face of adversity before being appointed a Supreme Court justice, where she successfully fought against gender discrimination, championed women’s reproductive rights, and stood up for marriage equality.

Josephine Baker.jpg

Josephine Baker

Meet Josephine Baker. This delicious beauty has a sweet and nutty paste, and a slightly dry texture. With flavors reminiscent of Manchego and Romano, this girl pairs well with fresh fruit, honey, and roasted nuts.

Josephine Baker was a jazz singer, dancer, and actress. Born in the United States, she lated expatriated and became a French citizen. Baker was at the first black woman to get a starring role in a feature film and when dancing and singing, refused to perform for a segregated audience. She is credited as having influenced the Civil Rights Movement. During WWII, she also helped the French Resistance during the Nazi occupation, receiving the "Croix de Guerre", a French military honor, for her services.

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